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January is the new December

If you’re wanting to throw an end-of-year party for your employees, your first thought might be to schedule it in December. (It is the end of the year, after all.) However, throwing a party in the last month of the year can come with a lot of headaches that you might not have thought about. … Read more


Is it a Good Idea for a Friend or Family Member to Coordinate your Wedding?

You just announced your engagement. You’re excited, you’re elated, you’re in love (insert sweet sigh), and eager to start planning THE big day. So far you have lots of ideas for the wedding, so hiring a professional to help keep it all together is a MUST on your to-do list.  You know what opinions are … Read more


What makes a great New Year’s Eve Party?

Are you planning on throwing a big New Year’s Eve party? Maybe you want to put on an event, but you and your potential guests aren’t the “ball-drop” type. You want to host a New Year’s Eve event that everyone can enjoy and where everyone can celebrate the New Year in style. As you’re planning … Read more


Our Fall Menu is Here!

The fall season is here! If you’re planning to have a fall event, you’re probably looking for some ideas for the menu – food items that will truly wow your guests. Everyone always talks about the food and what was served, so it’s important to have a great fall menu to set your event apart … Read more


How Much Does it Cost to Book a Venue in Atlanta?

If you’re planning an event and you’re booking a venue, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to book a venue in Atlanta. Maybe you’re planning a wedding, a big business meeting, a concert, or a birthday party and you need the perfect Atlanta venue. Don’t be surprised if a venue can’t produce a … Read more