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5 Reasons You Need a Venue for an Engaging Corporate Event

Most of your employees likely spend at least 40 hours a week at the office, possibly even more. Why would they want to be there after hours? They wouldn’t, and chances are you don’t either. That’s one reason the key to a successful corporate event is to hold it at a suitable venue—but it’s not the only reason.

Whether for a conference, networking, charity ball, or any other business event, here are five more reasons you should rent a venue for your next event:

1. Eliminate Distractions

We all try to keep a distraction-free workplace, but let’s be honest, most offices aren’t silent. From phones ringing to equipment whirling, the average office is far from relaxing. Not to mention, both employees and clientele will associate an office with work, and that in itself can be distracting. Who wants to think about work outside of work?

A venue provides an engaging environment where everyone attending can just take a break. Providing that opportunity won’t just make your corporate event more successful, either. Your employees will return to work refreshed with renewed morale. That means increased productivity.

2. Access More Amenities

Your office may have plenty of distractions, but what it probably doesn’t have is all the right amenities for any event. Depending on the type of corporate event you’re hosting, you might get by with a boardroom and some catering, but that won’t always cut it.

Even when it will, many venues offer amenities that could take your event to the next level, such as presentation equipment. A venue will upgrade your event’s aesthetic while providing you everything you need to kick things off right.

3. Pick the Perfect Venue Size

Ask yourself, does your office have enough space for everyone to spread out, sit down, eat, and do all the surely amazing things you have planned? Unless your event is quite small or your office is quite large, the answer is probably no.

Venues can accommodate virtually any size corporate event. You can book everything from a small 200-square-foot room for a private meeting to a massive auditorium with performance stages for 500 or more guests—it all depends on the specifics of your event.

4. Impress Your Clientele

Think back on all the corporate events you’ve ever attended as a potential client. Which ones impressed you the most? If you’re like most people, the events that came to mind were likely well-planned and organized. You could probably tell your host went above and beyond to make the event successful and memorable—it was also probably held at a venue. Why?

Venues are designed to create the perfect environment for their intended use. Whether that’s a lavish gala with sweeping gardens and moonlight balconies or a professional, clean, upscale conference space with the latest tech, it’s sure to impress.

5. Boost Morale

You know who else going all out on your next corporate event will impress? Your employees! That boost in morale they get from a break from work will be supercharged by the satisfying realization they work for a company that is invested in and appreciates everything they do.

Employees who don’t feel adequately recognized at work are twice as likely to quit and only 1 in 3 employees state they feel recognized for their work. By doing something special for your staff, you’ll improve engagement and, in turn, increase productivity while reducing turnover.

Let’s Work Together to Create Your Successful Corporate Event

The Venue at Friendship Springs offers all the necessary tools for a successful corporate event in a gorgeous location. We have five different rooms with a variety of accommodations included to suit a massive range of event types:

  • 200 sq. feet – The Conference Room (20 guests)
  • 2,000 sq. feet – The Davis Room (100-150 guests)
  • 3,000 sq. feet – The McDonald Room (200-260 guests)
  • 5,000 sq. feet – The Carlisle Room (300-400 guests)
  • 8,000 sq. feet – The Wayne Family Auditorium (500-600 guests)

The Wayne Family Auditorium features a stage complete with dressing rooms and private backstage areas. Allow our production manager to oversee the presentation, audio, and lighting details for you. Our staff and service are ready to assist in making your event a huge success.

If you’re interested in booking The Venue at Friendship Springs, fill out our quick contact form online. We’ll help you pick the perfect venue for your next corporate event.

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