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Incorporate These Tips Into Your Summer Event Planning

Summer is an excellent time of the year to plan out special celebratory events. The summer months are great for events in general.

There are endless ways that you can make your summer event more inviting for your corporate team. Incorporating some helpful tips and tricks into the planning of an event can ensure a great payoff.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the things to incorporate in your corporate summer event planning.

Tips for Summer Event Planning

Below are some helpful tips you can use to pull off a successful corporate event.

Plan Around the Weather

Summertime is full of variety when it comes to the weather. One week can feature a lot of sunshine, and the next week can be a week of thunderstorms.

Nothing is worse than having your attendees get caught up in the rain or heavy wind. To avoid any weather disasters from happening to your event, check the weather. The details of the weather on the day of your event vary depending on how far you plan out.

Luckily, you can hold your corporate event in any of our multi-purpose spaces, whether it be a gala, ceremony or seminar.


Before planning your event, you’ll want to estimate how many people will be attending so you can book the perfect space. You don’t want to book a room too small and have your attendees too close for comfort or too large, leaving people to think there wasn’t a positive turn-out.

Sending out save-the-dates requesting a response from your potential attendees is a great way to know who can make the event.

Select a Theme

Choosing a theme for your event can ensure you have a well-organized, engaging, and professional presentation for your guests. No professional wants to walk into a meeting or event that is unorganized and distracting.

Consider using company colors for decor. You can also add accents featuring your company’s logo around the room. Utilizing colored lighting can accentuate the space keeping your audience focused and engaged.

Our rooms come equipped with color-changing LED lighting to keep your audience captivated.

WiFi is a Must

In order to keep your guests connected, you need a space with fast-performing WiFi. If you’re giving presentations that require internet access, or if you’re exchanging business details, WiFi is the basis of all communication.

Don’t Forget the Menu

Everyone loves food, and the food you serve gives you a chance to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The menu that you set up is entirely up to you. To be all-inclusive, you can even provide a vegetarian or vegan option that could be requested on your save-the-date responses. Gauge your coworkers by considering their ages and where they come from. These factors can help you find out what to serve at your event.

Keep Track of Guests

Keep track of the guests that attended your event both before and after the event. You’ll want to know how many people are attending, but you’ll also want to know how many people actually showed up. Have guests sign or check-in when they enter the conference room.

This is a great time to provide them with a takeaway souvenir. Handing out branded souvenirs such as koozies, USB keys, or pens is an excellent way to market your brand to a wider audience. Who doesn’t love a free gift, anyways?

At the end of the event, you can send out thank you letters to your guests or collect surveys on things that attendees enjoyed about the event or would have liked to have seen improved. Doing so shows that you value their opinion and helps you have more successful events in the future.

Be Flexible

No amount of planning in the world will prepare you for the out-of-left-field situations that can pop up. It’s essential to plan, but it’s even more important to go with the flow. If you don’t give yourself a bit of leeway, your event will flop if a surprise pops up.


Planning a corporate summer event is all about being flexible and paying attention to details. By using these tips, you can help make your summer event a success!

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