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Four Tips to Keep Your Guests Hooked Until Your Event Ends

A sign of a successful event is having the most guests hanging around until your event ends. No one wants to leave when they are having a good time or gaining valuable information and connections. By providing your guests with the right format of informative events and entertaining activities that will keep them engaged throughout the day, you will have an easier time keeping your guests hooked until the end.

Whether you are hosting a day-long concert, gala, or multi-day conference, you can keep your guests engaged and having fun at your event until the last speaker, band, or grand finale with these four easy tips.

Create Activities That Promote Engagement With Other Guests

Your event is going to have a variety of people and personality types. Some people will have a natural inclination to reach out and meet other guests, while others are more comfortable within their own circles. By including activities that encourage engagement with guests, you give your guests a reason to stay longer as they develop new connections and relationships.

· Build anticipation and interact with attendees through social media

· Create small groups at your event to help guests network and meet new people

· Have a Q&A session toward the end

· Host a fun after-hours event

For all-day or multi-day events, create a quiet space for attendees with food, drinks, and comfortable seating so they can rest or go over the previous discussion. Creating multiple areas where people can relax without leaving your event will reduce the number of guests leaving early just to take a break or get something to eat.

Have Top-Notch Audio/Visual and Sound

Nothing will drive your guests away faster than unintelligible audio, poor musical choice, and boring visuals. The venue you book should have adequate audio/visual capabilities in order to set up the right mood for your guests.

Professional AV equipment can help you create a unique ambiance for any room and make sure your audio is superb. Ensuring everyone can hear the speaker or musician from any corner of the room.

Know Your Audience

If your event is for country-western enthusiasts, and your vendors and musical choice is more rock-and-roll, your guests will not stick around very long. Knowing your audience is crucial for planning any event that will keep your guests hanging around until the end. While it may be impossible to please everyone, you can still create an event that keeps the majority of your guests around.

· Create a music playlist that is most appealing to your guests.

· Create games or activities that are in line with their interests.

· Set up demonstrations about the products or services discussed at your event to draw in your attendees.

Knowing your audience will help you create an event that will have a more personal feel and make it memorable for your guests.

Save the Best for Last

Everyone knows the secret to end a great party or event is with a bang. Your best speakers, musicians, and artists will want the crowd anticipating their arrival. Yet you don’t want to leave all your best events till the very end either. Timing is everything.

For multi-day events, each day should end with a keynote speaker, leading up to the main speaker on the last day. If your guests are just going for one or two activities, having similar events that will pique their interest can keep them onsite in between the events that are there to see.

Whether your event is half, full, or multi-day, planning out your events and activities that build anticipation to the final event can give your guests the most out of their experience and keep them onsite.

The Final Curtain Call

Research shows that 50-60% of attendees will leave before the end of the event on the final day. To keep those guests from leaving early, throw a fun theme or costume party with prizes that are worth waiting for, like weekend getaways and all-inclusive trips. For your out-of-town guests, encourage them to stay longer and check out the local city with prizes that they can redeem in town.

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