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9 Trends That Will Guide This Year’s Events

Whether you’re organizing a corporate fundraiser or coordinating a wedding, planning the perfect event takes time. This means now is the time to book the date and start planning the details for this year’s events!

Event planners have shifted to evolve and adapt to the new normal. Making your guests feel safe will be the first priority. Organizers are now challenged to be more creative and reimagine how their operations will run in these times.

Thinking outside the box to create an unforgettable event while incorporating guest safety is achievable with this year’s 9 key event trends.

Breakout Rooms & Sections

For larger groups, breakout rooms or sections are a great way to implement social distancing measures. This creates a necessity for more creative room layouts that spreads people apart.

A couple of options are:

  • Different physical rooms which are great for business and networking events or providing multi-lecture series.
  • Spread tables into sections that work best for bigger spaces where attendees can collectively stay together.
  • Using dividers to create an effect of different rooms without the hassle of moving too far to reach certain areas.

Personalized Events

What works for one person or company doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else. If you want to make your event truly unforgettable, try personalizing it as much as possible. Doing this is important both for your company’s brand, as well as for attendees.

Online Bookings and Planning

One of the greatest trends in any industry is booking and planning online. Many of your clients are comfortable with doing most of their reservations, bookings, and orders through online transactions.


People are becoming more aware of the impacts of various industries on the environment. There has been a growing awareness of the waste and many are asking for more sustainable options.

Popular eco-friendly materials that organizers look for are biodegradable packaging, designs, and even digitizing tickets.

Hybrid Events

The biggest events showed everyone that it’s possible to merge digital and physical event hosting.

Having an in-person space while broadcasting your event is now the new normal, which allows you to reach audiences all over.

Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing is one of the long-lasting effects of the pandemic and now it is a prerequisite to have creative seating and table layouts.

This leaves organizers and event managers to plan more carefully how they’re going to seat guests while also preserving the ambiance of the event.

Outdoor Spaces

Along with hybrid events, many customers are now looking for non-traditional venues. It is now a trend to host your event outdoors. A perfect choice to showcase amazing scenery and have open-air instead of an enclosed space.

Another idea is to have both an indoor and outdoor space to create diversity. Definitely an option for events that would like to have designated areas for different activities.

Tech-friendly Environment.

Given the enthusiasm for tech and the normalization of putting your event online, venues have to be prepared to provide the support needed. State of the art equipment like projectors, production lighting, and high-quality video equipment is key.

Communication Planning

For an event to run smoothly it is important venues have contingency plans in case you run into some challenges.

Having a backup plan for when things don’t go as scheduled allows situations to be remedied as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Choose the Venue That Has Everything You Need

Coordinating a memorable event can be fun – but it also takes a lot of time and can be very stressful. You need a team on your side that can make the process a lot easier. A capable team can make all the difference.

At The Venue at Friendship Springs, you’ll get access to everything you could possibly need, whether it’s flexible space or state of the art tech equipment for a presentation. Talk to our team to see how we can help you create the perfect event!

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