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Corporate Event Planning For the “New Normal” – 5 Things to Consider

As we come to terms with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain aspects to reconsider when it comes to corporate event planning.

This means the new normal may be venturing into unfamiliar territories and adhering to newly laid down guidelines that impact the way we organize events. These adjustments will not only make for safer events but a successful one too!

5 Things to Consider When You Plan Events

As you plan for future events, here are 5 things to consider when adapting to the new normal.

1. Rethink Venue Capacity

The perfect venue you used in 2019 might not be so perfect in 2020. Venue capacity cannot be defined the same way anymore. If you require a 500 capacity venue last year, you will require 800 to 1000 capacity venue for the same event this year. Social distancing means more space is needed to properly space out your attendees.

2. Indoor vs. Outdoor Event

Thinking of indoor versus outdoor events? This depends entirely on the type of event and the size of the audience. A larger outdoor venue is well suited for a food and wine festival where people don’t need to be seated, whereas you might consider an indoor venue for a smaller conference or an exhibition where seating is spaced out accordingly.

3. Redefine Your Health and Safety Procedures

Going forward, there are new health and safety measures to think about. You may want to provide sanitizing stations for guests and ensure they are wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

You should also rethink your serving options for food and beverages to limit the spread of germs. One way to do this is to reduce self-service options.

4. Hybrid Events is the “New Normal”

Hybrid events have become a new normal in the events industry, and it is worth considering. A hybrid event is an event that is held in a physical venue and at the same time, attended online by a live and interactive audience.

If you would like to host a big event, you can still pull it off by hosting a hybrid event. Take advantage of this virtual option to increase attendance and accessibility.

5. Adhere to Regional Regulations

Not all regions have the same regulations, so it is important to stay abreast of regional regulations. This way you can avoid going against the guidelines in your area.

Event Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Whether you’re planning a corporate workshop, seminar, or any other type of event, it is important to accept that times have changed and you must adapt to these changes to succeed.

Going forward, remember safety first. Attendees most likely would prefer a gathering where social distancing rules are followed and there’s a provision of safety measures on-site.

Keep the communication line open between you and your attendees. Inform them proactively about what you would expect from them. Use surveys or questionnaires to get insights into your future event planning strategy.

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