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Tips for Corporate Meetings and Events During COVID-19

Tips for Corporate Meetings and Events During COVID-19

With the uncertainty and sudden changes happening around us, hosting corporate meetings and events in the age of COVID-19 requires some adjusting – especially on the part of planners and venues. Venues and planners can focus on a few key areas in order to provide the requirements for safer meetings and events. By implementing distancing … Read more

6 Tips for Organizing a Successful Fundraising Gala Event

Tips for Organizing a Successful Fundraising Gala Event

What’s the best way to raise money for your cause and build relationships with your community? A gala fundraiser, of course! Such an event will excite those in your community. After all, who doesn’t love a fancy party? It will also help them develop or maintain an interest in your cause. Here are some steps … Read more

5 Steps to Throwing the BEST Corporate Event

5 Steps to Throwing the BEST Corporate Event

From conferences to product launches, corporate events can be exciting and entertaining where team building abounds. When trying to wow your executives, colleagues, or potential customers, many people have different tastes. While planning a corporate event can be challenging, there are steps you can take to ensure your event is successful. What can you do … Read more

This Year’s Top 5 Event Trends To Watch For

These days, our lives are absorbed with technology which means that live conferences, meetings, and events are more important than ever. Embracing growing event trends will have a huge impact on your event so attendees won’t soon forget. Event trends are ever-changing and keeping on top of new trends and technologies needs to be a … Read more

Corporate Holiday Party –Turn It into An Event No One Wants to Miss!

Corporate Holiday Party

Company holiday parties are often not everyone’s favorite, but they are a staple for most companies. The reasons for this are numerous, but two reasons stand out. First, people are crazy busy this time of year, planning their own parties and trying to finish (or start) their holiday shopping. Second, office parties are, in many … Read more

How To Choose an Atlanta Corporate Event Venue: 7 Things to Consider

Corporate Event Venue

How do you choose the best venue for your corporate event? Such a problem plagues entrepreneurs, managers, and event managers. They find a venue which fits their budget, but it doesn’t necessarily fit their needs. Is it even possible to find a venue which is affordable, and can provide everything you need for your event? … Read more