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How To Choose an Atlanta Corporate Event Venue: 7 Things to Consider

How do you choose the best venue for your corporate event?

Such a problem plagues entrepreneurs, managers, and event managers. They find a venue which fits their budget, but it doesn’t necessarily fit their needs.

Is it even possible to find a venue which is affordable, and can provide everything you need for your event?

Asking the right questions is key.

Choosing a Venue for Your Corporate Event or Meeting: 7 Questions to Ask First

The next time you must plan an event, consider these seven questions before investing in a venue.

1. What’s Included?

To get a clear picture of all the possible costs and fees, be sure to discuss the details of the event and the activities you expect.

From there, ask what is included in the venue fee. Are the taxes included? Is there a set-up or break down fee? Are there food and beverage minimums? Are there fees for linens, tables and chairs? Is there an additional charge for Wi-Fi and audio visual equipment?

Some venues offer all-inclusive pricing while others may be à la carte. This is something which is important to know upfront when pricing out a venue.

2. Will the Space and Layout Work for Your Event?

A venue needs to accommodate the number of people which are going to attend your event – both inside and in the parking lot.

Find out if there is plenty of parking or if the venue is close to public transportation, like bus/train stations. Don’t forget to ask if there are any parking fees.

3. What’s the Overall Atmosphere of the Venue?

The ambiance of a space can set the tone for your corporate event or meeting.

Do you like the feeling of the venue? If you’re looking to give a team building experience, consider spaces that easily accommodate group activities or give off a positive vibe.

If you’re having an award ceremony, choosing an inspiring space matters. Everything from lighting to furniture as well as the architecture of a space contributes to the atmosphere.

4. What Types of Foods/Beverages Are Offered?

Some venues don’t provide many food and beverage options. If you need to have a varied menu plan or want to create a food-based theme for your event (for example, Happy Hour complete with cocktails and appetizers), ask the venue if they can do this for you.

5. Does the Venue Meet Your Event’s Audiovisual Needs?

Will you need to present videos or PowerPoint slides? Will you need microphones for your speaker or for demonstrations? Ask your venue of choice if they have the digital and Wi-Fi capabilities to accommodate your event.

6. What Type of Restrictions Will You and Your Guests Need to Observe?

Most venues have some restrictions pertaining to:

  • Alcohol
  • Decorations
  • Taking videos/photos
  • Outside catering

Find out if the restrictions fit with your needs. If not, it’s time to look at other options.

7. Does the Venue Cater to Your Needs?

Invest in a venue which can cater to your needs and create a custom experience, like The Venue at Friendship Springs.

Do you need AV? No problem. Would you like a coffee station? That’s not an issue. Whatever your needs, the team at The Venue at Friendship Springs can make it happen.

Choose a Venue Which Caters to the Unique Needs of Your Event

You shouldn’t have to accept a one-size-fits-all type of venue.

Yes, you should compare venues, but you shouldn’t have to settle. You need to find the one which is going to provide everything you need. When looking at venue pricing, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

Taking the time to figure out if your venue choice is going to fit your unique needs will help you create an experience which your company won’t soon forget.

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