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Best Practices for a Safe Corporate Experience During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caused corporate event planning to come to a screeching halt this year.

Now, we’re in a place where more events are allowed, but it’s recommended to implement safety practices to prevent a reversal of the progress we’ve made.

Today, you’ll learn about steps you can take to keep everyone in attendance safe at your next corporate event.

5 Safety Steps to Take When Hosting an In-Person Event During COVID

Even in the current climate, there are often situations when meeting in person is necessary. Here are five steps you can take to promote the health and safety of your attendees.

1. Limit the Size of Your Event and Practice Social Distancing

Go to the grocery store, and you’ll find decals on the floor indicating where you should stand in line. If you watched the World Series, you saw 11,000 spectators spaced strategically apart.

Social distancing is everywhere, and can be practiced at your event, too.

One way to do this is to limit the size of your event so people can sit six feet apart from each other. Make sure to clearly identify where each attendee should sit to avoid confusion.

2. Thermal Scanning and Checking in with Attendees Before They Arrive

Before people show up at your corporate event venue, send them an email asking to let you know if they’ve had any cold or flu symptoms within the past 24-hours. Anyone who has symptoms should avoid coming to the event.

Once people start arriving, conduct a thermal scan before allowing entry. Make it a policy that anyone with a fever will not gain admittance.

3. Provide Masks

According to CDC guidelines, you should wear a mask whenever you’re around others who live outside your household.

To ensure people wear masks, provide them at the door. Once they’ve passed the thermal temperature check, give them a complimentary mask.

Of course, handing out masks does little good if people don’t wear them. Let attendees know that wearing masks is suggested except when eating.

4. Thoroughly Disinfect the Venue and Provide Plenty of Sanitizing Stations

In addition to wearing masks, handwashing is essential in the prevention of contracting and spreading germs, including the COVID-19 virus. However, it’s not always possible or practical for people to wash their hands repeatedly during an event. Providing hand sanitizing stations – or even hand sanitizer along with a mask – can help attendees keep their hands germ-free.

It’s also a good idea to regularly disinfect surfaces. Have disinfecting wipes close by to wipe down tables, doorknobs, and other frequently touched surfaces.

5. Pre-Packaged Meal Options

Another way to keep attendees safe at your corporate event is to reduce the risk of transmission through communal eating. Avoid buffets. Instead, offer individual meals to those in attendance. Some options:

  • Have a wait staff provide boxed meals to attendees at their seats.
  • Provide a lunch stand with a variety of bagged lunches. Attendees stand in line while maintaining six feet of distance. When they get to the counter, they get their bagged lunch of choice.
  • Consider creating shifts for better social distancing if attendees need to stand in line to get their meal.

An Ounce of Prevention – Keeping You, Your Team, and Attendees Safe

There’s no denying that COVID has disrupted everybody’s life to some extent. The more precautions people take now; the sooner things will get back to normal.

In the meantime, take steps to keep everyone at your event safe and healthy. Doing so will not only provide you and attendees with peace of mind but also help you maintain a sterling reputation at work and within your community.

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