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Corporate Holiday Party –Turn It into An Event No One Wants to Miss!

Company holiday parties are often not everyone’s favorite, but they are a staple for most companies.

The reasons for this are numerous, but two reasons stand out.

First, people are crazy busy this time of year, planning their own parties and trying to finish (or start) their holiday shopping.

Second, office parties are, in many cases, awkward events that people feel obligated to attend.

Thankfully, you can create an amazing corporate holiday party experience – one that your employees won’t ever want to miss.

How to Create the Ultimate Holiday Party for Your Team

Would you like to promote camaraderie with your team and show them just how much you appreciate their hard work year-round? The best way to do that is with an unforgettable office party. Here are some ways to do that.

1. Hold the Event Off-Site

There are two reasons why you should host your holiday office party outside of the office.

  • You and your team already spend most of your time at the office. Why spend more time there than is necessary? Hold the event somewhere else to create an atmosphere that makes your employees feel special and valued.
  • Holding an office party elsewhere will help people feel more relaxed, which means they’re more likely to have fun.

2. Choose an Effective Time

Depending on the time, not everyone may have the opportunity to attend the event.

If it’s an evening event, you’ll have to consider which night is best. You may think that Friday or Saturday is the top choice because most employees will be off for the weekend. But during the holidays, weekends for many are often packed with other social gatherings with family and friends.

You also will want to consider the next best option may be a weekday night, as it may be less likely for employees to have other holiday plans.

3. Consider a Party in the Off-Season

Instead of hosting the usual annual holiday party, why not consider planning your event either before or after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. This way there are fewer conflicts to work around between the office calendar and employees’ personal calendars.

Early October and late January are great times to hold an annual company party. With an off-season party, there’s a much better chance employees will participate in the event.

4. Choose Your Entertainment Wisely

You want to host a lively event that your team will be talking about for days, if not weeks, to come. The best way to make this happen is to entertain them.

Remember, though, that not all entertainment is created equal. Just because you think a certain idea is a good one doesn’t mean your employees will agree.

Come up with multiple options within your budget and ask your team to vote on what they’d prefer. Or, ask for suggestions when you first start planning for your holiday party (which should be several months in advance).

Some ideas:

  • A band
  • A fortune teller
  • Living statues

Remember, too, that entertainment can include interactive activities, like:

  • A murder mystery game
  • A Game of Thrones party
  • An office talent show

Choose an Unforgettable Venue That Meets All Your Needs

If you do decide to host your holiday office party outside of the office, you’ll need to find the ideal venue.

The Venue at Friendship Springs is a great option because it’s suitable for an event of just about any size. Plus, the venue is equipped with all the latest technology you could need for whatever entertainment option you decide to choose.

Not all holiday office parties are created equal. But with some advance planning and forethought – as well as the input of your employees – you’ll create a party that will be unforgettable.

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